Session 1, 2017 Video Recap

Session 1 just wrapped up, it was one for the books! This session Magnus GranerPeyben, and LSM from The Bunch showed out, taking over camp. As soon we pulled up for FDOH (First Day on Hill) and our laid eyes on the masterpiece of a park our digger squad had crafted, smiles were poppin out.

The diggers crafted something special; allowing everyone to embrace the “new wave” of slashin, and swevin, while still appreciating the “old wave” of tossing K-FED’s and blasting cork 7’s off jumps. LSM and Magnus did not waste a second getting down to business, immediately lapping the medium jump line. “These jumps are perf for learning” said LSM after doing some solo shredding, locking down Switch Right Cork 10 and Switch Right Cork 9 Japan. After 2 days of getting the jump legs back; Magnus played a SLVSH game against….sorry you gonna have to wait till that game drops.

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