Khai Krepela’s Summer Classic

Khai Krepela’s Summer Classic at Windells Camp presented by SodsPDF (, Spy Optic, & Phunkshun Wear

Skiing by Forster Meeks, Noah Curry, Alex Hackel, Michael Kennedy, Lucas Wachs, Pete Arneson, Taylor Lundquist, Jack Finn, Corey Jackson, Ethan Swadburg, Jonah Williams, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, McRae Williams, Jake Carney, Jarrad McCarl, Joey Van Der Meer, Pete Koukov, Tucker Addison, Taylor Seaton, Kevin Perron, Burrito Pete, Jonah Elston, & Abner Wyman

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Overall Winner: Forster Meeks
Best Shot (Best Trick): Pete Arneson
Campers Choice: Jennie-Lee Burmansson

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

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