From Ramp Rat to Early Bird™


There’s no hiding it, unless you live in the south, it’s Winter (well, it’s Winter there too, but due to closer proximity to the equator in the south, there tends to be less snow and inclemate weather – back to the point…) but that means a little less skating, right? WRONG, whether you’re shoveling out the park, are practicing flip tricks in the garage or even hired garage door repair tucson az to take down your garage door to use it as a ramp, consider coming to our Winter Skateboard Camp, or grabbing our Early Bird™ package – we want to make sure all of our Ramp Rats are rolling year round.

In order to help you bear Winter, we wanted to get our skateboarders something special, and this year’s Early Bird™ package is just that – special. We have some incredible artwork from ripping skateboarder and illustrator Jess Mudgett on a pullover sweatshirt, low-crown cap, and water bottle – so you can stay hydrated when you are ripping around on your new OJ Hot Juice Cruiser wheels with Independent Abec 5 Bearings. We want to make sure that your trucks stay tight and your grip stays clean, so we’ve got some nuts, bolts, and grip gum from the folks at Goodbuddy – and we’ve put together a limited calendar to make sure you can count down the days until you’re rolling around the Concrete Jungle with us.

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