Windells at Buck Hill

Windells On The Road at Buck Hill Feb 7th & 8th

Windells On The Road at Buck Hill Feb 7th & 8th

Windells is renowned for our skiing and snowboarding summer camps on the Palmer Glacier of Mt. Hood. Summer is normally kryptonite for winter enthusiasts, but after a session at Windells Camp, summer becomes shred heaven for tricks, fun and new friends. However, over the past couple years we’ve been payin’ our respects to Old Man Winter through programs that take the best of our summer programming to ski resorts nationwide. For our 3rd year running, Windells On The Road camps are happening at a resort near you! With Expert coaching, fun activities and stab at new tricks, our On The Road camps are a great way to spend a wintry weekend.

Destoy Lab's Caleb Hamilton in the Snowcat at Buck Hill

Destoy Lab’s Caleb Hamilton in the Snowcat at Buck Hill

Another program we are very excited about is our collaboration with Destoy Parks at Buck Hill Ski Resort in Minnesota. All three parties have come together to create our Windells In Your Park Program. Destoy Parks, headed up by Windells’ head park builder Caleb Hamilton, has been building insane terrain with unique features for all abilities at Buck Hill. We are so thrilled to extend our recipe of progression based parks to Buck Hill. It has made for some awesome edits from friends like Buff Hill,
appearances on’s Feature Presentation, making an appearance in Videograss edits, as well as become a hotspot for midwest riders.

Some of the options for this weekend’s On The Road Camp at Buck Hill (plus – FRESH SNOW!)

We are redubbing “the land of a thousand lakes” as “the land of a thousand opportunities,” let us offer you one of them! This year, we are merging Windells In Your Park and Windells On The Road at Buck Hill. The dates are this weekend, Feb 7th and 8th, the registration deadline is Friday and exclusive park is being built today for skiers and snowboarders alike!

For more information on Windells On The Road camp stops, or Windells In Your Park at Buck Hill, click here.

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