Up The Ante With More Hangtime on Windells’ NEW Super Tramp!


New for summer 2015, Windells Camp will have a MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampoline. The MaxAir Super Quad features a smooth, powerful bounce with plenty of room to focus on mechanics and development of new tricks, from basic rotations, all the way to the most advanced. Campers, guest athletes, and Team Take-Over Pros will have endless options to progress, practice, and play with this cutting-edge set up. Positioned strategically next to Windells’ private 60’x 60’ BagJump™ with walls varying in height from four to eight feet, the MaxAir Super Quad will help grow air awareness for campers looking to develop larger and off-axis rotations.

In addition to the new super trampoline on campus, Windells Camp has also resurfaced the launch ramps on campus with Skatelite™, allowing everyone the ability to “send it,” into the bag. The addition of Skatelite™ allows skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, and BMX riders to learn and development new skills safely on campus, before confidently taking the skills on-hill, to the Concrete Jungle™, or the Dirt Track™.

This is only one of many tools in the Windells’ training system, giving campers and athletes the components needed to elevate their skills. Start on the trampolines, take the next step to the mini indoor launch ramp into the foam pit, then step it up again to the big launch ramp…all on campus. On-snow, riders can progress from the BagJump™ training features to some of the most highly manicured snow features on Earth. A week at Windells Camp makes it easier to stomp the tricks you’ve always dreamt of! Even if you’re not going to the next Olympics, bouncing, jumping, and spinning through the air with Windells’ professional coaches at your side will make this your best summer ever!

For 28 years, Windells Camp has been a leader and innovator in action sports facilities and summer camps. Brand Manager Nick Visconti believes that, “adding the super trampoline and Skatelite™ launch ramp to the pre-existing on-campus BagJump™ is one of many ‘next-steps’ for Windells Camp. With athlete progression, camper experience, and safety as permanent aims, Windells is and will continue to be the ONLY choice for summer camp!”

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    Will it be ready for sessions 1-7

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