Tactics Skate Team at Windells Camp

Just two and a half hours to the south of Windells Camp in Eugene, Oregon lays Tactics, a skate, surf, and snow retailer in it for the right reasons.  This compilation of board dorks (just like us) live, eat, and breathe skateboarding – so it only made sense to team up together. We invited Tactics team skaters and new Windells family members Beau Cummins, Sean Donnelly, Justin James, Jesse Lear-Kobold, Ross Druckrey, Benson Ka’ai, Josh Dulac and Kyle Richer to come roll around the jungle, hang with campers, shoot some photos, and film some tricks, and what they came away with is incredible!

Head over to the Tactics blog to check out more photos from the Tactics camp, and make sure to check out Tactics’ retail location next time you head down to The Emerald City.
WEBtactics-windells-weekend-12Frontside Tailslide in the Jungle. Photo: Benson Ka’ai

Wanna come #ShredSmore with us this summer? Space for skate camp during Sessions 5&6 is still available! Come explore the some of the best skate terrain in the country and close out your summer the right way, skating with friends! For more information, visit our dates and prices page, or pick up that phone and call us at (503) 622-3736.

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