Skateboarding Session 4, 2015

Skateboard Session 4, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Another session in the books at Windells Camp! During Session 4 we spent our time on our four-wheel-drive vehicles, on a full safari in the Concrete Jungle on our private campus. Our expedition continued to some of the best skateparks in Oregon and Washington, and was topped off with a little bit of white water rafting, with our campers at the helm in pursuit of good times!

Interested in signing up for Skate camp during Session 6? There’s still space! Head on over to the dates and prices page on our website, or reach out to us at (503) 622-3736, 

Skateboarders: Jeff Hopkins, Jake Day, Casey Tratz, Nick Kenney, Drayden Gardener, Khanyiso Booi, Bryden Bowley, Max Lyons, and some incredible campers!

Videography: Arlan George
Additional Videography: Pat Sarnacki
Edit: Arlan George
Motion: Pat Sarnacki

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