Shred S’More All Summer Long at Windells Camp

Windells' Own Al Pal Grabs Frontside on Mount Hood 6/14/15 - P: Erik Hoffman

Windells’ Own Al Pal Grabs Frontside on Mount Hood 6/14/15 – P: Erik Hoffman

While the shortage of snow at low elevations throughout the West Coast has been nationally broadcasted, there will be no shortage, there will be no shortage no shortage of summer skiing and summer snowboarding on Mount Hood! Due to our Private Parks being located on Timberline Ski Area, at approximately 7,000 feet on the Palmer snow field, Windells’ summer facilities sits above the snow-line and received a great amount of snow on top of the pre-existing snowfield. This snowfall at elevation, coupled with our winter-long snow farming efforts, things are looking UP for summer!


Windells Snowboard Filmer Ashley-Dawn Bird on Mount Hood 6/15/15 – P: Erik Hoffman

Were you signed up for another summer ski and snowboard camp that has cancelled some of their on-snow sessions? Windells Camp has has developed a program specifically for you! Register for for any Summer Camp Session at Windells Camp, and we will credit you your lost deposit or flight fees (Windells Camp will honor lost deposit or flight fees up to $400), alongside with showing you all that Mount Hood has to offer while we #ShredSmore this summer!
*New registrants must private Windells Camp with proof of lost payment.

Make sure that you are not missing a single day of skiing and snowboarding this summer, come shred s’more with Windells Camp on Mount Hood! For more information on our programming, please feel free to reach out to us at (503) 622-3736.


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