Session 6 Team Takeover: ON3P Skis

Hometown ski company ON3P is proud to announce they will be coming to Windells for the Session 6 Team Takeover!  Based and built in Portland, OR, ON3P will be attending Windells for their first takeover ever.  Come join Karl Fostvedt, Magnus Graner, Sander Hadley, John Kutcher, Jake Doan, Max Morello, Maximilliam Smith, David Steele, and the ON3P family as they enjoy the best summer skiing in North America.  


P: Erik Hoffman – Karl Fostvedt

As John Kutcher has said, “it might be impossible to go to Windells and not have an awesome time.”  The ON3P team take-over will be a first time to Windells for some, like Jake Doan, who said, “believe it or not, attending ON3P takeover week will be my first time to Mount Hood in the summertime.  Its ironic because a lot of my favorite skiing to watch comes from the Windells edits that have come out over the past years, so I’m hyped to finally check it out for myself!”  For others, like Karl Fostvedt, Magnus Graner, and Maximilliam Smith, it represents the best place to be in North America during the summer, with Magnus stating that he, “had the best summer in my life skiing Windells and camping in the woods with my brothers Maxi and Karl.”

This summer, come join the entire ON3P family for Session 6.  All Session 6 attendees will leave with a discount code for any pair of 15/16 ON3Ps and a chance to leave with a custom, one-of-a-kind ski of their design.  Go skiing with your friends!

Click here to Register for Session 6 –August 6, 2015 – August 13, 2015
For more information on Session 6, visit our website or feel free to call at (503) 622-3736

Stay tuned to see what the ON3P Skis Crew is up to this week, and come shred s’more with us this summer during session five!
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