Session 6 Team Take-over: i.N.i Coorperative


i.N.i Cooperative is an Oregon based brand focused on delivering high performance garments to the outdoor marketplace with a low impact on the environment. i.N.i believes that they have created a functional lifestyle brand that speaks to an established system of values and is focused with blending lifestyle and technicality with their environmental initiatives. Aiming at producing timeless superior and unique products with the smallest carbon footprint possible is at the forefront of the i.N.i mindset. Join i.N.i team riders to the likes of Nial Romanek, Johnny Lazz, Christ Frost, Niko Cioffi, and more to make some laps on Mount Hood during their session six #TeamTakeover!

Click here to Register for Session 6 –August 6, 2015 – August 13, 2015
For more information on Session 6, visit our website or feel free to call at
(503) 622-3736

Stay tuned to see what the i.N.i Cooperative Team is up to this week, and come shred s’more with us this summer during session five!
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