Session 3 Team Take-over: Saga Outerwear

Usually the appetite for grilled food has been a bit curved after the mass consumption of hot dogs and burgers throughout the Independence Day weekend, but we can assure that will not be the case this summer! You know with the Saga Outerwear #TeamTakeover in full effect, session three will have no shortage of juicy hammers on hill, and some perfectly cooked Saga burgers on the Windells campus! If you’re looking forward to sunny skies and radical guys (and gals), come shred s’more this summer at Windells with Nicky Keefer, Steve Stepp, and Tim Durtschi during session three!


Click here to Register for Session 3– July 7, 2015 – July 14, 2015
For more information on Session 3, visit our website or feel free to call at (503) 622-3736

Stay tuned to see what kind of antics the Saga Outerwear Team is up to this week!
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