Session 3 Team Take-over: Arbor Snowboards!

Arbor Snowboards could not be more stoked to announce that they are coming up to Windells Camp for the Session 3 Team Take-over! Arbor will be bringing their Pro and Am teams and they’re gonna shred their faces off with all of you! Session 3 has some of the best weather of the summer, so pack your sunscreen and come ride with the Arbor family!


There’s a Method to Scotty Vine’s madness

Pros Brandon Hammid, Scotty Vine, and Erik Leon will be present along with a whole bunch of Arbor Ams from all across the country! They will also be bringing along some surprise riders, who will be announced within in the next few weeks! They’re coming for a good time, so make sure to register for Session 3 and come shred s’more this summer with the Arbor team!

Click here to Register for Session 3– July 7, 2015 – July 14, 2015
For more information on Session 3, visit our website or feel free to call at (503) 622-3736

Stay tuned to see what kind of antics the Arbor Snowboards Team is up to this week!
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