Session 2 Team Take-Over: newschoolers


Windells Camp is beyond to announce that the newschoolers.Com crew will be coming back to Take-Over Windells during Session 2 and will be hi-jacking our Social Media accounts this week!! Last year was filled with fun activities on-hill and on-campus, hanging out with our favorite pros, and TONS of amazing summer skiing. To quote Dom Laporte, “weather was awesome, park was sick, MAD fun here,” and if you know the NS gang, you know that this year will be no exception. Come shred s’more this summer with Dale Talkington, Dom Laporte, and Sean Jordan during Session 2 at Windells this summer!

Click here to Register for Session 2 – June 26, 2015 – July 3, 2015

For more information on Session 2, visit our website or feel free to call at (503) 622-3736

Make sure you follow along to see what the NewSchoolers.Com crew has in store for the week!
Instagram: @WindellsCamp
Twitter: @WindellsCamp

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