Session 2 Snowboarding, 2015

Snowboard Session 2, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Session 2 at Windells Camp has come to a close and we’re so thankful that Session 3 has begun because we NEED to shred! The Burton Snowboards crew was in town for their #TeamTakeover, so there was no shortage of ripping in our Private Park on Mount Hood. The theme for this summer is Sunny & Sick, and Session 2 fell right in line, providing campers with 6 incredible days on-hill and back on-campus. 


Head Snowboard Coach Tucker Speer gets a lil’ inverted on the QP – P: Luke DeFeis


Ryan Finder sprays up in our Private Park – Photo: Gillian Montgomery

Featuring riding from; Jeff Hopkins, Erik Overson, Cody Lee, Brady Lem, John Murphy, Brett Wilkinson, Ethan Deiss, Ralph Kucharek, Luke Winklemann, Colin Wilson, Erik Leon, Chris Frost, Jared McDaniel, Jake Rose, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, Max Lyons, Max Tokunaga, Nial Romanek, Cullen Bernklau, Jesse Paul, Kyle Kennedy, and Erik Overson.

For more information on Windells Camp, visit us at or call us at (503) 622-3736


Jonah Owen grabs stalefish on this backside 360 on the hip. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Videography : Ashley-Dawn Byrd
Additional Videography: Pat Sarnacki, Gavin Rudy, Ryan Finder, and Ben McCabe
Edit: Ashley-Dawn Byrd & Pat Sarnacki

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