Session 2 Skiing, 2015

Ski Session 2, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

The hype from Reed Lewis sets the perfect precedence for the remainder of the Session 2, 2015 ski session recap. Endless jump and rail combinations come out of the Newschoolers #TeamTakeover Athletes, visiting pros, our staff, and our amazing campers in our private park on Mount Hood.

Join Reed Lewis, Jeff Curry, Andy Parry, Josh Karcher, Ben Smith, Jackson Wells, Torin Yater Wallace, Will Wesson, Sami Ortlieb, Jeremy Pancras, Jonah Williams, Alex Hall, Tom Wallisch, Jake Mageau, Paul Marik, Ethan Swadburg, Noah Wallace, and more.

Christian Allen as shot by Gillian Montgomery

Christian Allen as shot by Gillian Montgomery

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YouTube – Windells Session 2 Skiiing, 2015
Newschoolers – Session 2 Skiing, 2015 at Windells

Videography: Gavin Rudy
Additional Videography: Ashley-Dawn Byrd, Gavin Rudy, Pat Sarnacki
Edit: Gavin Rudy
Motion: Pat Sarnacki


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