Skateboard Session 6, 2015

Skateboard Session 6, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Session 6 marks the end of the road for Windells Summer 2015 Skate Camps, and our staff, coaches, and campers wouldn’t leave without a fight! Take a seat and keep those open, because you don’t want to miss even a single trick over the next four minutes in our Session 6 Skate video recap.

Skateboarders: Lucian Fiore, Jake Day, Casey Tratz, Max Tokunaga, Jamie Weller, Jeff Hehlen, and our ripping campers.

Videography: Arlan George
Additional Videography: Ashley-Dawn Byrd and Pat Sarnacki
Edit: Arlan George
Motion: Pat Sarnacki

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