Ski Session 5, 2015

Ski Session 5, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Another fun filled session in the books up here at Windells as Session 5 is officially a wrap. Freeskier Magazine was in attendance for their second annual #TeamTakeover bringing Nikki Blackall and the notorious Karl “Crazy Karl” Fostvedt to tear up the summer park and hype the campers up.

Skiers: Anders Fornelius, Mason Kennedy, Ethan Swadburg, Levi Ascher, Karl Fostvedt, Jonah Williams, Mitchell Brower, Noah Wallace, Reed Lewis, and our ripping campers!

To watch this video on YouTube – head over to our page.

Videography: Gavin Rudy
Additional Videography: Ashley-Dawn Byrd and Pat Sarnacki
Editing: Gavin Rudy
Motion: Pat Sarnacki

For more information on Windells Camp – please visit our website at Windells.Com or reach out to us here in Oregon at (503)622-3736.

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