Early Bird Deadline 1/15

Windells Winter Survival Kit

Windells Winter Survival Kit

You only have two more days to register as an Early Bird for the Summer of 2015! When you sign up for ANY summer camp session and you’ll receive the exclusive Windells Winter Survival Kit! This Survival Kit is comprised of tons of Windells specific goods totaling more than $200! The kit includes:

  • $50 store credit to Dex’s (Windells’ Camp Store)
  • Windells Mountain Stamp Coaches Jacket
  • Certified Windells Park Ranger Hoodie
  • One (1) free Grizzly Grilled Cheese
  • Exclusive Windells Patch
  • Limited edition B.O.B sticker.

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  1. Claudia Ackerman says:

    Hi there,
    Considering a summer camp at Windell’s for my 14 year old son. He is interested in the free ski camp.
    1. How well are the kids supervised on and off the Mtn.? From the videos I saw, my concern is that after skiing, it would be very easy for him to go back to his room and watch TV for a few hours.
    2. When on the Mnt., how are the kids instructed? Meaning, are they in specific groups? If so, how many kids per group and instructor? Do the groups change everyday? Do the kids get instruction from different teachers or the same one?
    3. If fly out there from NY with my son, I presume I need to rent a car to get to camp – how far from the airport are you? What is the check in process for camp like?
    4. If he flies out there by himself, is there a process for WIndells meeting him at the airport and getting him set up at camp?
    5. If we sign up by February, would that special early bird offer be available?
    6. Are any of the sessions filled yet?
    Sure I will have more Q’s, but that’s it for now. Thanks, Claudia

    • Nick Visconti says:

      Hey Claudia,

      Thank you for your interest in Windells Camp. All of your concerns are valid, and the following answers should help sooth any concerns. Please give us a call directly to discuss any more concerns as well at 503 622 3736.

      1. The kids are supervised 100%. We have a private facility on-hill that everyone reports too and spends the majority of the day in. Other times out side of our private facility are spent with a trained, Cpr and AED certified coach. There is televisions in the rooms, but there are so many activities going on right out side the cabins that it is very few and far between we notice anyone spending to much time in front of the Tube. Also, every cabin has a counselor that oversees campers functions, so if it became too much they would proactively suggest and facilitate campers involvement elsewhere.

      2. The groups have a capacity of 7 campers to 1 coach. They are with the same group and coach for the entire session. This coach is a trained instructor and freestyle expert, hand selected to help motivate, demonstrate and coach campers snowboard abilities at every level.

      3. We have a very efficient and safe airport program that picks up kids from PDX and transports them to our campus in Welches, OR approximately 45 minutes away. Minor are met at the airport gate, again ensuring 100% supervision, while non minons are allowed to walk to baggage claim. If you would like to come out and make a vacation out of it yourself, you may rent a car and the drive time from PDX to Windells Camp is 45 minutes, as I stated above. However, we do have a family camp program and invite full families to ride in the summer and make memories together.

      4. You may call us for more details, but please reference answer 3 for this one.

      5. Unfortunately, the Early Bird promotion terminates Jan. 15th, 2015. We are already pass the deadline and will not be able to extend this special.

      6. No sessions are filled yet, but they do fill rather rapidly. No worries on the questions, it makes complete sense and all those are very valid. Please just give us a call, we’d love to talk direct and answer any other questions you may have!

      Looking forward to having your camper with us this summer at Windell Camp 2015, and you too maybe!

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