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More Than a Ski and Skate Camp!

While skiers, skateboarders and BMX’ers can come to Windells knowing they will have the time of their life, skiing on real snow at Mount Hood, going on a skateboard safari in the Concrete Jungle, and getting their coach out at the buzzer in dodgeball, Windells has MUCH more to offer! Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a person’s life and provides campers with a sense of community, character building skills, long lasting friendships, and a world wide network of mentors. So in leu of this, we’ve put together 11 Reasons OTHER than summer ripping that a summer session at Windells is the right move for your skier, skateboarder or BMX’er this summer.


1) Its Real Life
Not texting, Facebooking, Instagraming, Facespacing, Twitter Tweeting, or Wonky Wonking. The opportunity to interact in anon-internet, supportive, safe, human-to-human face-to-face social environments among peers is practically invaluable in today’s world.

2) Friends That Last a Lifetime
Whether your child comes to camp by themself or with a pal – they’ll connect with amazing campers & staff from around the country who they’ll consider some of their best friends.

3) A Chance to Try Something New
Windells allows campers to explore many opportunities and experiences that they may have missed during the pursuit of skiing, skateboarding or BMX and other traditional activities. We provide our campers the necessary tools, guidance and environment to develop life-long interests.

4) It’s Summer Camp!
Across America there are 10 million campers a year! Going to summer camp is a long-standing American tradition. We specialize in action sports, but we also squeeze in as many traditional camp themes as possible…. things like camp fires, s’mores, swimming, and so many other little things you just can’t capture in words. Allow your child access to healthy developmental risks in a safe and nurturing environment.

5) Increased Self Confidence
Experiencing a new environment, interacting with new people and putting oneself out there makes one more dynamic and ready for what life has in store.


6) Setting and Accomplishing Goals
The beauty of our sport is that improving one’s skills is a series of setting and obtaining small goals to get to where they want to be. This translates to all aspects of life.

7) Gain Independence
From the airplane journey to Oregon, to the 8-days spent out of the nest, your kid’s time at Windells is a great opportunity to foster a sense of independence in a safe supportive environment.

8) It’s a Great Reward
Not that they need to be bribed, but countless campers have earned their session at camp by meeting a set of criteria set up by their parents: From chores to report cards, a trip to Windells is more than motivational!

9) They’re Being Active
Being outdoors in the Mt. Hood National Forest skiing, skateboarding, BMXing,  mountain biking, breathing fresh mountain air, playing, living, and loving life feels good from the soles of their feet to the feet of their soul.

10) It’s Their Passion
People need passions – they frame out our lives and get us excited. To many campers, skiing, skateboarding and BMX is more than just a recreation. At Windells we excel in helping this passion begin, grow and abound.

11) 130+ Positive Role Models
From our summer staff to the various guest pros that come out throughout the summer, campers get to spend 8 days with some of the friendliest, diverse, smartest and genuine people on Earth.


For more information on anything and everything Windells feel free to call us directly at 503.206.3736 or shoot us an email at, we’d love to hear from you!

Ski Early Bird Package

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Register for your summer 2016 summer session at Windells before January 15th to receive this prize package loaded with products and collabs from Dakine, Joystick, Phunkshun, Neff Headwear and Freeskier Magazine!






Best of Ski Summer 2015

NewSchoolers_EarlyBirdBanner copyWINDELLS BEST OF SKI 2015

Featuring: Jonah Williams, Noah Wallace, Tom Wallisch, Will Wesson, McRae Williams, Jamie Baril, Josh Karcher, Camp Boll, Jeff Curry, Ethan Swadburg, Sander Hadley, Jeremy Pancras and MANY MORE!



Summer 2016 – Registration is LIVE for Summer 2016 and the time to sign up is NOW! Come up this summer to ride Windells first ever SKI ONLY private terrain park, get coached by one of our top notch coaches and ride along side your favorite pro skiers in their favorite summer park! Click here for more details!

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Windells On The Road – Mt. Hood too far to travel? Check out our On The Road Weekend Camps where you’ll get a taste of what life on the glacier is like and also be entered to win a free session during Summer 2016 at our Oregon campus! You deffintly don’t wanna miss out, so sign up now and lock in your spot today! Click here for more details!

Snowboard Session 6, 2015

Snowboard Session 6, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

PULL THE PLUG! Summer 2015 is a wrap and HOLY COW we couldn’t thank Mount Hood anymore. A huge thanks goes out to our amazing staff, visiting pros (especially the iNi Crew in town for Session 6), and all of our incredible campers for another incredible summer here in Oregon.  [Read more…]

Skiing Session 6, 2015

Ski Session 6, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

…and that will do it! Session 6 at Windells Camp has come to a close and that also means that summer camp is over (insert sad face emoji here). With the ON3P squad up on Mount Hood, things could not have been more Northwest! We can’t wait until this winter to lap Mount Hood with this crew, and watch it all fill in for an amazing Summer 2016! [Read more…]

Skateboard Session 6, 2015

Skateboard Session 6, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Session 6 marks the end of the road for Windells Summer 2015 Skate Camps, and our staff, coaches, and campers wouldn’t leave without a fight! Take a seat and keep those open, because you don’t want to miss even a single trick over the next four minutes in our Session 6 Skate video recap. [Read more…]

Skateboarding Session 5, 2015

Skateboard Session 5, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Our Session 5 skateboard edit is comprised of too many tricks to list off from our staff, coaches, ripping campers, and is completely smothered in style! Join the Windells Skate Camp at some of the best parks here in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in the Concrete Jungle on our Private Campus! [Read more…]

Snowboard Session 5, 2016

Snowboard Session 5, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Tim Humphreys and the GoPro squad brought even more heat to the lane on Mount Hood than mother nature had planned! Summer on the Palmer snowfield is still in full swing, and with Session 5 looking like this, we’re so excited to see what’s in the pipeline for Session 6! Stay tuned… [Read more…]

Ski Session 5, 2015

Ski Session 5, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Another fun filled session in the books up here at Windells as Session 5 is officially a wrap. Freeskier Magazine was in attendance for their second annual #TeamTakeover bringing Nikki Blackall and the notorious Karl “Crazy Karl” Fostvedt to tear up the summer park and hype the campers up. [Read more…]

Snowboard Session 4, 2015

Snowboard Session 4, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

When Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson, and Scotty Lago come to town for the Neff #TeamTakeover, each day on hill gets funner and funner! Jumps were hit and rails were pressed on-hill, and back on campus we had the best time ever and consumed some delicious ice cream (with ALL of the toppings). Check out the Neff #TeamTakeover athletes, our Staff, and some ripping campers in our Session 4, 2015 video recap. [Read more…]