Open Skate Begins September 13th!


School is not the only thing back in session, so is weekend ‘Open Skate‘ at Windells Camp. Our private facilities’ red light is turning to a green light as we are opening for all skateboarders to do what skateboarders do, skate and destroy. If you have not skated at Windells all you need to know is that a helmet, a waiver, and a small deposit (TBA) grants you access to about 100,000 sq ft. of 4-wheel friendly terrain. If you haven’t ripped with us or visited one of our many Skate, Snowboarding, Ski or BMX camps, here is an insider’s guide to our private skatepark.


B.O.B, an acronym for building out back, is just that- our giant warehouse out back. B.O.B is a street-style indoor plaza with fixed wooden features, plenty of rails and boxes, and the perfect cement for F.G.O (flat ground only.) In the back of this haven is a perfectly constructed mini ramp ranging from 3ft to 6ft and behind that a foam pit to get your X-Games on! Boasting over 100+ features and ramps to skate, this all-ability megaplex is equipped with speakers and good ventilation for those muggy Northwest Sessions when the drizzle is to slick to skate outside.



The Concrete Jungle 

The concrete jungle is brain child of former professional skateboarder, presently Head Skate Coach Jamie Weller. Hand-built with the homies, this outdoor park rivals any multi-million dollar city ordained skatepark in the greater NW. With the right injection of soda or coffee you could have the stamina to pump this park for hours without pushing. Primarily transition-based but offers some unique street features as well, including a very sessionable pole jam, the concrete jungle is a pro tour stop must. Quaterpipes galore, lines aplenty, and silky smooth cement there is no where better to learn to skate or showoff your years in the game.



The Campus

As in the former, the campus at Windells as a whole is just a skate-haven. Built in random order everywhere are miniature and hidden skate treasures. An imaginative dream land full of snake runs for skate trains, banks for flip-tricks plus curbs for slappies. Whether you have to hand a $20 to the gas attendant or promise mom you’ll do the chore list mid-week, grab your skateboard and do whatever it takes to come skate Windells Camp for Open Skate any weekend this fall beginning September 13th, 2014 at 10:00am!





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