Windells design a tee contest winners!

Windells launched the “design a tee” contest last week. Designs have been rolling in via instagram and e-mail and we are stoked on all of the submissions! One winner has a chance for their design to be featured in Windells’ Summer 2013 product line.

We’re ready to announce our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

3rd Place: @sir__vincent Thanks for tagging #windellsdesigncontest!


2nd Place Winner: @gfraser26 Very creative!


1st Place Winner: Myles Cameron e-mailed us this design and we like it!

Windells Contest(1)

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  • Vince Bugni

    3rd place stoked!

  • Andy Biesiadecki


  • Gus Fraser

    2nd place, sweet!

  • Julian Berg

    nice gus

  • Joshua Cooper

    yeah nice job vinny!

  • Owen

    2nd is much better

  • matt Fitzgibbon

    i think 2nd should’ve taken it

  • Sebastien Ohalloran

    i should have entered

  • Sebastien Ohalloran

    the first place winners is really cool