USASA Nationals 2013 with Windells Camp

Another great season with the USASA Hood series is in the books. We made our annual trek to Copper Mountain, CO to hang out at the USASA Nationals, dish out a ton of free gear, and raise money for the scholarship program. Man, what a fun week it has been. Check out all the festivities right here!


As you can guess, Instagram has been blowing up with all sorts of awesome grams recapping the events. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and join in on the fun of USASA Nationals!


1) These two came dressed to impress! #Windells gear head to toe. Stop by the booth this week for free stuff and a raffle ticket! #usasa @coppermtn @usasa_snow #nationals2013

2) Stop by the #Windells tent at @coppermtn and get your raffle tickets to win this gear & even a FREE summer session! #usasa @usasa_snow #usasanationals2013


1) #snowboardfact#usasanationals is the world’s largest snowboard contest. There is over 1,100 competitors competing in 6 disciplines (Slope, Pipe, SBX, GS, SL, & Rail Jam) in 5 days! @usasa_snow

2) Tim Windell slangin’ autographs at the #Windells tent! We’re here through #ski week as well! #usasa @usasa_snow #usasanationals2013


And a big CONGRATULATIONS to our girl Sierra Jewett making history last night as the first Windells Academy student to podium at the USASA Nationals. Great work Sierra. Keep it up!

Thanks to everyone for visiting us this week and contributing to the USASA Scholarship fund. We appreciate all of your support. Congratulations to all of the competitors and we hope to see you at Mt. Hood this summer!

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