The new ‘Best of Snowboarding’ from Windells Camp


The best of the best are at Windells. Every summer, the biggest names in snowboarding come out to Windells to ride the Private Park, train in the half pipe, practice with the airbags, cruise the lap park with campers, and let loose during on-hill sponsor activities. They lead clinics, share trick tips, stack footage, and after the rope tows stop spinning they head back to campus for a skate session before the sun goes down. It doesn’t get any better!

Check out the new Best of Snowboarding. These guys and girls are the coaches, pros, invited guests, counselors, kitchen crew, diggers and friends that make Windells what it is. Check it out! Get a look at who is going to be at Windells this Summer. Sign up for your session to ride with the best crew around!

  • Vince Bugni

    Jumps be looking mighty fine

  • matt Fitzgibbon

    such a sick edit

  • Julian Berg

    snowboarding looks pretty hard to do. but it was a pretty sick edit.

  • Owen Schatz


  • Alex Seeley