Real World Portland visits Windells Camp

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The very first episode of MTV’s “Real World” aired back in 1992. The show is MTV’s longest running series, and Windells Camp had the pleasure of hosting the newest batch of Real Worlders for some fun in the sun in last night’s episode 5 of season 28, “I Wanted Romance Not No Pants.”

Danny Kass and The Dingo shuttled the group from Portland to Windells in the Grenade “limo.” Everyone was set up with boards, boots and bindings in the Demo Shed and decked out in Windells gear from Dex’s. After some skating in the Concrete Jungle and a trampoline session, the crew headed up to Timberline to see what the hype is about!

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Danny, Tim and Danger were coaching the group. We saw some naturals and we saw some room for improvement; Nia found a comfortable place to nap in the Lodge, and Marlon’s face plant to scorpion definitely would have made it into the summer crash edits. Maybe the whole gang should come back this summer for more coaching.

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Want to get in on the action? Windells Camp has something for everyone! We have youth camps and adult camps in June, July and August. Get registered for Summer 2013!


  1. Owen Schatz says:

    thats aweosme

  2. Pretty cool

  3. Never heard of it

  4. any video of them riding?

  5. Sick


  1. […] For some reason, MTV continues to find pretty people with loose morals to be on the Real World, and the current season was filmed right here in the Rose City. While they seemingly spent most of the season rubbing up against each other in the hottub of their loft in the Pearl, they did at one point venture out to Mt Hood with Danny Kass, and even spend a night at Windells. Finally, the episode is live! After wading through some roommate drama, they finally hit the slopes and it’s almost as exciting as it sounds. If you’ve got an hour to kill, you could watch it, although we’re not necessarily recommending it. You can also just relive the dream on Windells blog here. […]

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