1st Annual Narly By Nature Recap


Well, Mother Nature took it upon herself to be a little too gnarly yesterday. With a mix of rain, sun, indoor, and outdoor skating, the 1st Annual Narly By Nature skate contest was definitely wild. Right at the 5pm start time, the sky opened up and poured down rain on the beautiful, once dry concrete. But! Not to worry. Plan B made for a solid alternative. Luckily at Windells, we have outdoor, we have indoor, we got it all. They don’t call this the “funnest” place on earth for nothing.

The crowd headed for shelter to cheer on the Girls Heat in the newly renovated indoor skatepark, B.O.B. (the building out back). Kristin Ebeling, and Jamie Brown were throwing down. Dropping jaws and inspiring all the ladies out there. Soon to follow, the mini shreds were kicking butt and taking names. Miraculously, the sun was shining midway through the 14 and Under Division, so…we headed back outside. The community headed to the Concrete Jungle with towels and squeegees in hand, drying the park for a second attempt at a jungle rumble. Things were heating up, and the young men of the 15 and Up Division were ripping. Just in time for the Pro Division, trusty ol’ Oregon weather served us a second dose of precipitation, sending the contest back inside. Gotta keep you on your toes right?

Narly by Nature finished off the evening inside BOB, changing the tone from a once transition focused contest to a more street themed game. Saturday night we all learned that no matter where these guys are skating, they are destroying everything in their path. Only 3 months old, the new skatepark saw the gnarliest tricks to date. It was not an easy contest for Jamie Weller and his crew to judge, but at the end of the night, only 3 men could be crowned supreme. Check out the full list of winners below!



20130810GillMontgomery-S_GnarlyByNature-Session7_Day4 (3)



20130810GillMontgomery-S_GnarlyByNature-Session7_Day4 (9)

20130810GillMontgomery-S_GnarlyByNature-Session7_Day4 (6)


20130810GillMontgomery-S_GnarlyByNature-Session7_Day4 (16)





Girls Division Winners
1st – Kristin Ebeling
2nd – Jamie Brown
3rd – Kerrie Reichard

14 and Under Division Winners
1st – Sean Fitzimons
2nd – Quintin Laville
3rd – Matty Jessee

15 and Up Division
1st – Kyle Ward
2nd – Olaf Lind
3rd -Nick Betts

Pro Division Winners
1st – $1000: Cody Lockwood
2nd – $500: Shawn Hale
3rd – $250: Steven Reeves
Best Trick – $250: Michael Davis


A big thanks to everyone for putting up with some strange weather. Nothing like a solid skate community to be down for any type of contest. A big thanks to Ipath, Gatorade, INI Cooperative, Volcom, Slow Death Skate Distribution, and Usurper Skateboards for making it all happen. We are looking forward to an even gnarlier (and dryer) contest next summer for the 2nd Annual Narly by Nature. Hope to see you there!

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