Diamonds in the rough: The girls of Windells Camp

The ever-elusive female shredder; we’re usually outnumbered and sometimes we’re underestimated, but we are always, always stoked. It happens often; a group is huddled at the top of a jump line and when a small high pitched voice chimes in, “Dropping!” the boys immediately crane their necks to find the culprit. She hits the line, nails her spins and the group nods in approval or clanks their ski poles. If you’re looking for a 100% female friendly snowboard or ski camp, Windells is your spot for the summer!

The girls competing to “win a date” with Zak Hale.

Windells has hosted most of the top female snowboard and ski athletes to date. Some were campers and now return to Mt. Hood every summer as coaches or to host their own Team Takeover Sessions. Some are Olympic athletes and choose Windells as their summer training facility. Whatever the reason they come to camp, our professional female athletes are positive role models for young campers ready to dive into the world of action sports.

Windells holds a variety of girls only activities throughout each session. Our skate coaches and friends at Skate Like a Girl round up campers for a girls only skate session to comfortably ease some into their first time shredding concrete. Betty Rides, a long-time camp sponsor, hosts an 80’s ladies night every session and brings in team riders from around the world to hang out with the girls, watch movies, eat candy and do manicures. The Burton Girls team visits and hosts a giant girls only Q&A.

Hannah Teter, Gabi Viteri, Spencer O’Brien, Kelly Clark, Ellery Hollingsworth and Natasza Zurek talk about how Windells Camp has shaped their careers as pro shredders.

A standout moment of 2012 was Hana Beaman‘s 720 over the Baker road gap on the way to Mt. Baker, Washington, naming Hana the first and only female to hit the gap. Hana was a skate coach at Windells and she returns in the summer time to hang out with campers on hill and on campus and compete in the annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe.

This past week, Elena Hight became the first female to throw a double backside alley-oop rodeo in the pipe. Elena said in an interview with ESPN, “We went to the training center in Park City, worked on doing it into the foam pit. Then in Mammoth I did it into the airbag, and then tried it on snow. Being able to progress the trick that way, I felt way safer and more prepared than if I’d tried to do it for the first time on snow.” Windells Camp has all the amenities to ease into learning new tricks just as Elena did; on hill and on campus BagJumps, Olympic style trampolines, and a 9×9 foam pit.

In March, our ski coaches and friends Ashley Battersby, Keri Herman and Kaya Turski skied the dreamlike feature known as “the Chateaux” at NINE QUEENS 2012 in Fiss, Austria. NINE QUEENS is arguably the biggest and best of its kind, a female specific freeski jib and big air competition, and the Windells staff held it down.

Girls, register for your session at Windells to improve your skill, have the experience of a lifetime, and make lifelong, like-minded friends at the “funnest” place on Earth!





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