2012 Demo Gear is ready to ride!

It’s not always easy to pick out a new snowboard or pair of skis. There’s so many options, from the way the product rides, to the company that makes it, to the graphics on its topsheet. Do you want a rocker snowboard? Would you prefer fatter skis? How about a jib board? Or stiff skis? And you haven’t even started to think about bindings and boots! Well, here at Windells, Demo Manager Nick can help you try out products before you buy anything this coming season.

The Demo Lab is stocked with next year’s skis, snowboards, boots, and bindings from our camp sponsors. Boards from Burton, Rome, Salomon, Ride, Capita, Gnu, and more line the shelves, while skis from Surface, Line, and ON3P are set in racks. One area of Demo has boots from Nike, 32, Ride, and Burton. Bindings from Union, Burton, Rome, and Ride hang from the ceiling. It’s packed in there, a swirl of bright colors and exciting graphics.

Unlimited demos are included for every camper, so take advantage of the selection in the Demo Lab while you’re out at camp. For a peak at what you can choose from, check out these photos.

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