15th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe in photos

The 15th year of Bonfire Pipe to Pipe is a wrap. Like Christmas in July, Pipe to Pipe is one of the most anticipated events of the summer at Mount Hood. It’s so much fun, whether you’re riding, skating, or spectating; the course on hill is always creative and provides tons of trick options, the action in the Concrete Jungle is out of control, and hanging out with friends and taking it all in is downright radical.

There lots of coverage up from Yobeat, Transworld, and Snowboarder, and stay tuned for Windells’ edit. Camp Photographer, Erik Hoffman, was hoofing it all around the course on hill as well as the Concrete Jungle on Saturday to get some great images of the event. We collected some of his favorites here. We also asked some of the Windells crew what their favorite moments from this year’s event were. Enjoy everyone’s thoughts, photos, and make sure to come out next year for all of the fun!

Watching twelve year old kids go bigger than pros in the skate contest. Watching near misses in both the skate and snow competitions, because the course has so many options producin unpredictable cross-traffic. Watching a girl skateboard that can really skate. Watching Sawyer Deen and Tyler Lynch hang with pro skateboarders in the skate competition. – NJ Petersen

Watching the pros skate is always my favorite part. Watching good skateboards destory that skatepark, because I just wish I was good at skateboarding when I see that happening. – Cam Pierce

I fell and looked up and watched Mason Merlino backside overcrook on the quarterpipe for like ten feet. That was the best part. – Tyler Lynch, competed in Pro Skate Division

That Tyler Lynch and Sawyer Deen made it to finals and watching Willis Kimble skate. – Niko Cioffi

Watching Erik Leon ride the minipipe and make it look like he was skateboarding. – Sawyer Deen

My favorite part was watching Sawyer Deen toss part of his cash winnings into the crowd. – Matt Douglass

Watching the snowboard edit on Yobeat. – Head Coach Danger Dave

This photo accurately portrays the hectic action in the Concrete Jungle during the skate contest.

Watching the skate contest. – Jesse Paul

Poaching it. – Ozzy Henning

The set up had its own little area and was tucked away and it had its own little feel to it, was pretty cool. – Tucker Speer

2011 winner Willis Kimble destroyed the vert wall and was named the 2012 MVP.

The Windells skate coaches have the difficult task of judging the melee. From left, Ian Neal, Sev Boosinger, Ian McMartin, and Head Coach Jamie Weller.

Women’s Am winners.

Men’s Am winners.

Women’s Pro winners.

Men’s pro winners.



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