Summer Caption Contest!

Everyone is back to school and back to work. Vacation…is over. But here at Windells, we try to remind you that summer is never too far away! For those of you who already forgot how awesome the past few months were, let us jog your memory with a caption contest:

Fill in Johnny Lazz’s thought bubble and let us know what he was thinking as he watches his good pal Forest Bailey hit the Nike 6.0 feature. The best response will get hooked up with a custom Windells NXTZ and a Windells sticker pack. So get those thinking caps on and get creative. We will accept submissions until next Friday September 30th. Get going!


*One submission per person. And remember, keep it clean folks.*

*How to submit entries: comment on this blog entry, post to the Windells Facebook page entry, or email*


    haha nice ass dude

  • Hunter Thorson

    my quote is “wax on, wax off”

  • Caleb wilde

    dang i just pressed that shirt

  • seth anderson

    “i wonder if i stare at him funny this will be better for the photo?”

  • owen marty

    NO NO NO NO …..DUDE YOU NEED MORE STEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    “oh ya I could do it way better”

  • Ben

    “dang, forrest has got a nice butt”

  • Harriosn

    He gos Hard in DA paint

  • Kyle

    “this is why I love windells, I get to check out all the pro snowboarders nice butts all summer long :)”

  • Vincent

    He turns the swaaaaag oooooon, dude!

  • brad

    wow, polarized lenses see through more than water!!

  • Elliott Weiler

    “ninety-nine mississippi… ONE HUNDRED MISSISSIPPI!! ok dude, you can come down now! ……… umm dude?…. hello?”

  • Autumn Bailey

    “Woah… wait… i hope that’s just mud.”

  • aj

    dude… i thought it was my turn to clean the nike 6.0 box.

  • Troy

    (sigh). I swear if he doesn’t get down I’m going to make a caption contest and put it on the Windells site.

  • Patrick

    My pants are so tight right now I can’t feel my steez glans unlike Forrest over here.

  • Vince bugni

    “At windells, not only can you learn to ski and snowboard like a pro, but Forest Bailey can also teach you how to professionally clean the 6.0 kicker!”

  • Ben Steen

    “I swear I told Forest that it was Hawaiian shirt day”

  • joe friedman

    dude, what are you ding with my shirt?……. are those also my pants!

  • Jonny

    I think I left the sink running….

  • Nick

    I wonder if Bailey remembered the mustard

  • Bryant Davis

    “I knew forest could miller flip, i didnt know he couldnt wipe…”

  • Austin Garza

    dannnggggg forest can tweak that plant at the funnest place on earth

  • Charlie Kepler

    Hmm, maybe I should try out the backdoor…bindings.

  • http://facebook John Grantham

    Windell’s funnest place on earth!

  • Benny Milam

    i could do that switch.

  • TJ Munger

    Dude, tuck and roll! TUCK AND ROLL MAN!

  • Jake

    “Have you seen my snowboard?”

  • norman javier

    “ok… now lets see you do that on the dance floor”

  • Laurie

    “He better nail his afterbang”

  • David cook

    Damn… Watch him heavy head