Windells Academy visits the Grenade office

Windells Academy is in full swing, even during the summer months. Skiing and boardin’ in the warm weather makes summer classes really not that bad. One of the cool things that the academy kids get to do is check out shred industry companies all over the west coast–see the offices, meet the people that make things happen behind the scenes and get a first hand look at the jobs that they could aspire to have when they are older.

Recently, the crew went to the Grenade office in Portland. Check out the video and words after the jump.

video: Jared Karon

words: Alex Kass

[vimeo 12446164]

Today we all woke up at 7:30 to get ready and ride at Timberline Lodge. The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating so we needed an alternate plan. We decided to go to breakfast at the windells campus.  It was a great breakfast with Belgian waffles and sausage. We discussed about what we wanted to do instead of heading up to the mountain due to the weather and decided on a Portland adventure with many interesting and exciting stops.

After we finished our breakfast we decided on going to BOB to bounce around a bit and see if the weather would turn. The rain was consistent and stayed around so we made some last minute calls to the Grenade headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Luckily there were workers there and said we would be able to get a tour of their office. We finished up our bouncing on the trampolines and headed for the road. It was about an hour drive to get to Portland. Off to Grenade we went.

We found our way to the Grenade headquarters. As we pulled into the parking lot a white Lamborghini ripped past us, which was awesome. So we parked in the guest area and walked on into the office complex. As we got off the elevator at the second floor the door was directly on our left. We could obviously tell it was Grenade by all the gloves on the walls. Personally Grenade is one of my favorite snowboard apparel company’s so I was stoked on the whole tour. When we walked in and the Grenade executive VP, Nick, greeted us. He talked about the company a little and told us about how they had recently moved into the new building, which is smaller than their old warehouse.  The “lobby” section of the office where you first walked in was covered in all their past glove models, there had to have been at least a hundred different models. I actually saw two pairs that I previously owned. There were also some giant paper mache glove models on the floor, which were epic. So far this whole experience was sick and it was just the beginning. We continued our tour and the first thing we were shown was Danny Kass’s office and their conference room. In it there was this giant hat that was a size 16! It was absolutely massive. Nick and Jared tried it on and took some pretty funny pictures with it. We then looked around in the room for a little; on the wall was Danny Kass’s Olympic jacket, which I thought was sweet! Our next stop in the tour was a room with all their stickers and sticker machines. They had all their custom stickers on one wall that were made for shops and other companies all over. They even had a Windells one! Nick told us to help ourselves to a couple stickers. I picked out the coolest ones I saw of course. The next stop was the office of some of the designers that were sketching out some of their next year’s product. I saw a couple examples and took some pictures. I really like one of the coats that had old war pictures on it, I’m thinking of getting it next year if it comes out. I wasn’t sure if they were just prototypes or their actual next year’s line. We continued our tour and stopped in another office with their prototype shoes. They had about a hundred different colors and models all stacked on the shelves and floor. We looked at them for a couple minutes then moved on. Nick then told us he had a rack of clothes out front that we could help ourselves to. I wasn’t really sure what he meant at first but when we got there he told us we could have whatever we wanted. When I heard him say that I dug right in and checked it all out, I was so stoked! I got a super nice pair of new kicks and a nice down coat. One of the other workers came over to us with a real funny looking grey hoodie that had built in gloves and a hood that zipped up over your face. I tried it on and took some funny pictures with it. We thanked Nick and headed out to our next stop on our Portland adventure. Before we left the parking lot though we took some pictures of us with all our new grenade gear so we could send a thank you back to Grenade with a picture of us rocking grenade. Our next stop was the biggest bookstore in the world, Powell’s.

Powell’s Book Store is absolutely huge taking up an entire block of the city and three stories high; it was pretty easy to get lost in. We wandered around for about forty-five minutes. Nick bought three Star Wars books to give to a worker at timberline in exchange for mounting his skis. I did not purchase any books, but I thought the store was extremely extraordinary. We left the store and went to a local donut shop called Voodoo Donuts. Voodoo Donuts is a popular stop in Portland for a quick bite of some of the best donuts around. They even had a donut covering in cereal. I bought a giant glazed donut that is pretty much the size of my head. We left Voodoo and walked to the waterfront where there was a fair going on. We got there and everything was already closed up because of an oncoming storm. It was a bummer but we moved on and got some great Mexican food from a food cart on the side of a road.

Even though we did not get to ride on the mountain due to the crappy weather we made the best of the day and had a killer adventure through downtown Portland. From getting free shwag from Grenade to eating some of the best Mexican food I’ve had, the trip was a total success.

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