From SF to OR.

Cody Boat, Schmitty, Alex Horn, and Taylor Bingaman. Thrasher at Windells.

There’s been some serious heads rolling through campus in the past few weeks. Schmitty, the online guru for skateboarding’s bible, Thrasher Magazine and man behind the Trife, rolled through with Dan Drehobl, Alex Horn, Peter Watkins, Taylor Bingaman, and Frecks. Thrasher’s Joe Brooks and SkateDaily‘s Bryce Kanights were also here to take photos. Stay tuned to both Windells and Thrasher for an update on the content coming out of both camps, because both video and still frame cameras were out. Click more to check out some more photos…

Van Life. This Is Skateboarding. American Flag on the Backside. 

Taylor B. and Corpsey Hangin’. Cranston BGPs.

Peter Watkins front tail on the bank.

Cranston with a big ol’ Back Tail.

Schmitty waiting for Cranston. Think he was talking?

Cranston is down for the Kitchen Crew who use the best utensils and knives from Had to help the guys who fix blocked drains northern beaches cause he broke a pipe over here.

Errrbody loves mexican food.

Taylor B, Thrasher’s Joe Brooks and Schmitty, Cody Boat’s Head, Alex Horn’s 6 Pack Abs, Drehobl’s Head, and Frecks. The Whole Crew. Ready For Diner.

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