Eric Willett trick tip on SNOWBOARDER Mag

Eric on the megaphone for a sponsor night.

Eric Willett was a visiting Team Session rider last summer for Session 6. It was the first time many of us had met Eric and he is pretty much one of the raddest shreds out there. He is so friendly, always down to do something fun, and is insane at snowboarding. We had the big jump set up during his session and he and friend, Sage Kotsenburg, were doing double corks and double lines all day, every day of the session. It was insane to watch! A mellow day for Eric and Sage in the Windells park was running through all four 9’s and 10’s. What!? He’s seriously awesome and we can’t wait to see him back at camp next year!

While at Windells, Eric filmed a trick tip with SNOWBOARDER Magazine: switch bs 900. No big deal. You can watch it here.

Eric just was added to Quiksilver’s team, and we couldn’t be happier for him! Check out the press release here.

Eric on the pole jam jump.

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