Camper of the Day: Beau

Session 4 has arrived at Windells Camp and delivered bluebird skies with winds today on the slopes on the mountain. Each session we have adult campers who vary in ages and skills but are enjoying the camp just as much as the kids. I enlisted the help of Brandon Cocard to pick out a camper for today and he picked 33 year old Beau from Seattle, WA in the adult group whose goggles sealed the deal.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
Beau: I heard great things about it. More specifically I rode park a lot this year, sort of what I focused on this season. I had talked to several kids who came here and had great things to say about it and felt like they progressed a lot.

How do you like camp so far?
Beau: Camp has been great so far, everybody has been super duper cool. K-mart’s a real cool guy. The activities that he’s planned for us adults sounds really sweet.

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Beau: Yeah it’s not bad, it’s separated from the main campus which has it’s pros and cons. The hot tub is definitely a nice feature.

Who is your coach?
Beau: It’s split between Moss and Paul, so sort of both.

Have they been giving you any pointers?
Beau: First day, not really we just sort of cruised around. So no real pointers yet, he said that would start tomorrow and the days afterwards.

What tricks are you working on this session?
Beau: My 360’s I want to dial those in, specifically get grabs incorporated. I can easily spin but I feel like they are sloppy so I want to perfect those. Also lipslides and boardslides, 270’s on and 270’s off.

What do you think about the snow features so far at camp?
Beau: The snow features are pretty sweet. The jibs are pretty good but I wish there were more jumps. The jibs are awesome.

What activities are you looking forward to this week?
Beau: Movie night tonight which should be fun. He mentioned a sushi night, love sushi so i’m excited for that! Those are the ones that stand out. It’s cool just seeing all the pros around main campus, they’ve all been super cool so just mingling with them.

Thanks to Beau for starting off session 4 as Camper of the Day! Stay tuned for more campers as session 4 progresses on.


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