Camper of the Day: Alessa

Each session at Windells over the summer we have a handful of girl riders and skiers who come to camp for progression and work to perfect their skills on the snow.  At session 4, the ski girls were divided into 2 girls only groups led by coaches Ashley and Dania. Coach Ashley recommended Alessa a 16 year old skier from Mars, Pennslyvania for “being the most progressive camper this session, Alessa was amazing to coach since she would listen to feedback and apply it to her next run.  She’d get back up until she got it”

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
Alessa: I wanted to get better at freestyle skiing because there’s not many girls that can do that.

Who is your coach and how do you like the coaching so far?
Alessa: Ashley Battersby is my coach, I love her. She’s awesome! She’s helped me a lot with my 3’s, 5’s and misty’s so I’m really excited! Hopefully I’m going to do a misty tomorrow.

Have you done any practice on the trampolines?
Alessa: Yeah I’ve been practicing mistys all week on the tramp.

How do you like the park features?
Alessa: It’s really nice, I like it a lot more than the public park. The jumps are super nice. Probably the jump row is my favorite feature, I love jumps compared to rails. I like flat up boxes and down up boxes.

Are you skiing with the all-girl group this session? How do you like having it be all-girls?
Alessa: Yep there are two girl groups for skiing. They combined us today since some people got hurt and it’s all girls. I like skiing with girls a lot more than skiing with guys because I feel like guys get tricks a lot easier than girls do and you need someone to relate to. They help push you without over pushing you.

How do you like the on-campus activities?
Alessa: All the sponsor nights have been a lot of fun. I love the trampoline and I love BOB, it’s so much fun. I like to skate too but not like hardcore skate, just skate around so that’s been fun just around campus.

Now that camp is ending, are you stoked on the experience?
Alessa: Yeah, I totally want to come back next year cause I feel like it’s helped me get a lot more tricks and given me confidence to do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do before.

Congrats to Alessa for being Camper of the Day in session 4! Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day this summer!


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