Windells Holiday Fix Pack


Don’t wait until the Summer to  get  your hands on Windells Gear!

Be one of the first 25 to Sign Up Before December 15th & Pay in Full for a 2010 Summer Camp Session and receive Windells Holiday Fix Pack including:

  1. $100 Discount on 2010 Summer Camp
  2. Custom Dakine Mission Pack
  3. Custom Atmosphere Windells Hoody
  4. Windells Beanie by Chaos
  5. Custom Dakine Viper Pipe Gloves
  6. Windells Sticker Pack

Its that Easy, Simply enter ilovewindells into the Discount Code field during your online registration.   Shabam! Windells gear will be shipped right to your house.


  1. hey guys.. i am from germany.. and i’d looooove to have a windells backpack, and i asked myself if there is any way to buy it. Just can’t come for holiday because of the missing money this year 😀 i just have to work a bit to get it together.. like a year or so 😀 would be awesome to get one of these wonderful backpacks
    greetz from germany and huuuge congratulations for one of the best snowboardcamps EVER!!

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