Rome SDS killing it as always…


Getting picked up from the airport in this van will be awesome.

Rome’s marketing and events man, Ron Faverty, and the local Rome crew have been at camp for the last few days, enjoying the Oregon sunshine and getting everything dialed in for summer. The Roadhouse has been plastered with new walls featuring LNP and Bjorn Leines in some uncomfortable situations (you’ll have to get out to camp to check it out…) and they just finished working on the Rome van today.


The Rome crew put their blood, sweat and tears into this van over the last two days.

Rome’s theme this year might be the coolest one yet and the SDS’ secret plans for their sponsor nights are even better. Brush up on your survival skills and you could win a bunch of Rome gear this summer.

Ron also brought in all of the 2010 Rome boards, boots and bindings for the Demo Lab. The Demo is stocked full of Artifact 1985s, Postermanias, Lofis, 390s, Libertines…everything you could ever want to try out from the SDS, shiny, brand new and not in stores until the fall. Be sure to stop in the Demo when you get out to camp to check it all out.


Just a few of the 2010 Rome boards in the Demo Lab.


Yellow and blue 390s, green and white Targas, tons of Madisons, Uniteds and more to strap into.


  1. Lot of boards there

  2. Joshua Cooper says:

    all dem boards.

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