Contest Nonsense…

The Cricket Wireless Campus Rail Jam Tour took place this past weekend in Downtown Portland.  Snow was hauled in from Mt. Hood and 3 rails were shredded in front of 3000+ that were in attendance.  The contest was started by a college organization who wanted to get experience putting on marketing programs and a national tour.  It blossomed into a strong following and an entire west coast tour visiting 14 colleges in seven states.  By ridaz for ridaz!!!


Staffer Kyle Martola took his strong contest skills with him into the finals and ended up taking a very respectable second place.  It paid out $500 cash and a whole slew of prizes including a new snowboard.  Congratulations kyle, way to put on for Oregon and Wisconsin.


Amazing skater and absolute beast Josh Bishop ended up taking first place at the event.  That’s right, Windells took the top two positions at the finals.  Josh is the kind of kid that doesn’t let contests go to his head so the first thing he did when he got back to camp was go straight to work in the Kitchen.  Hard work and determination will get you anywhere, bring your work ethic with you to Windells and only good things can happen.  See you this summer!!!


  1. I know Kyle Martola!

  2. sick

  3. bummer they stopped doing this a couple years ago

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