14 is Your Lucky Number

Windells is giving away our last pair of Custom Nike 6.0’s.  The Only Catch:


If you want to squeeze your feet into these big beauty’s please follow 3 simple Rules:

  1. Come up with 14 Reasons why Windells is The “Funnest” Place on Earth (be creative)
  2. Post your 14 Reasons as comments on this Windells Blog
  3. Email your 14 Reasons to sean@windells.com along with your shipping address

Note 1:  We are hoping a person with a size 14 will win this comp and maybe one of your 14 reasons should be that you have a size 14 foot.  HINT HINT.

Note 2:  Windells will also be sending out Brand Spanking New DVD Packs to the first 14 for those who do not have huge feet.




  1. Clarissa Cervantes says:

    1. You get to ski the sickest mountain ever!!
    2. There is off the mountain training to get even better when your not skiing!
    3. They have the sickest clothing!
    4. All the people are spontaneous and having tons of fun!
    5. You get to ski with your heroes!!
    6. The mountain has the most unique features!
    7. They give out free swag!
    8. They are where many of today’s top skier started!
    9. The name – Windells “the funnest place on earth!”
    10. The coaches want you to push your limits in a new way, while having fun!
    11. Literally every person in the ski industry knows of Windells.
    12. The have custom everything, gloves, hoodies, beanies, shoes, etc!
    13. They always have something CRAZY going off!!
    14. My shoe size is NOT 14 but I will keep the shoes just because they are sweet and custom for Windells!!!!

  2. James Zink says:

    1) GNARLY
    2) Sick set ups
    3) Dream feature!
    4) PROS
    5) Foam pit 🙂
    6) Mini lift
    7) New stuff all the time
    8) skateboarding is amazing
    9) Fun cabin times
    10) Fun night time activities
    11) Sick nike 6.0 lab
    12) Cool councilors
    13) Great experience !

    James Zink
    109 Crossan Court
    The Town of the Blue Mountains, Ontario
    Canada, L9Y 3Z2
    (705) 888 2280

  3. derek loftis says:

    #1 because i show up there on the yearly
    2 because its snowed like 14 feet already this year
    3 ive met some of my best friends there
    4 money spent at windells couldnt be spent better
    5 foam pit
    6 BOB
    7 waking up every morning and knowing your going to have an epic day
    8 going to bed after an epic day
    9 breaking a cellphone every year and not caring that no one can get ahold of me
    10 sushi night with the adults
    11 the van ride to the mtn chaining up
    12 the ladies
    13 tree drop!!
    14 pow pow pow pow pow showing the kids from the east coast what its all about yep im talkin to larry kidd!

  4. Morgan Folz says:

    14 reasons why windell’s is the funnest place on earth
    1.) Hang with pro athletes!!
    2.) Olympic Trampoline!!!
    3.) Be learneded by pro athletes
    4.) Summer Skiing and riding
    5.) 20 minutes away from 2 of the best skiing areas in oregon and the best night skiing in america
    6.) BOB
    7.) Everyone’s always in a good mood
    8.) Being surrounded by people who share your same passion
    9.) Super cool custom windell’s gear (like Custom Nike 6.0’s)
    10.) Awesome powder that can’t be beat
    11.) Foam Pit…nuff said
    12.) Did I mention you get to hang out with PRO ATHLETES!
    13.) They have everything a skater, snowboarder, skier, biker, inline roller blader could ever want
    14.) They don’t judge me for my freakishly large feet

    This one time, at windells…

  5. Tyler Bryant says:

    1. They don’t Rip you off like Woodward.
    2. They have every possible thing someone would wanna do.
    3. They rep for the west coast like snoop.
    4. Windells has professionals come that teach you instead of preach to you.
    5. If they can collaborate with Nike 6.0 and make a shoe they have to be the coolest place on earth.
    6. They have a foam pit that smells funny.
    7. If windells was the last woman on earth i would go out with her.
    8. If I was Turning Japanese like the vapors sang i would turn back american so i could go to windells.
    9. Cause Ben Hucke Rides at Windells and he is the coolest bmxer to meet EVER!
    10. Cause who wants to drive to California to go to Woodward.
    11. Cause Dr. Dre Lives at windells secretly.
    12. I like breaking my bones close to home so my mommy can comfort me.
    13. Windells is the only place in the world with a summer snowboard camp.
    14. I rather spend a million dollars on windells then buying a bugatti like lil wayne.

    I do have size 14 feet!

  6. A Bunch More Than Fourteen Reasons; A rap by Masta J

    Windells is the siickest place
    You see it on the face
    of every camper stopping by
    and every shredder flying high.

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    Funner than “The Diz”

    The whole campus is a park
    Shred, ride, and skate til dark
    Grab a demo that makes your eyes pop
    While you hear this beat drop.

    duh duh duhnn duh dunn duh dunn duhnn duh dunn

    Innnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised
    the Prince of Bel Air know it’s worth the craze
    At Windells you’ll have your best of days
    It’s a place where the fun always stays

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    Will make your hair frizz

    The Heshin Delicatessen’s got the best
    Those rad cooks know more than the rest
    They’ve got the vegetarians’ and vegans’ backs
    and their breakfasts are better than Denny’s short stacks.

    The Diggers got their dogs
    and the coaches got their blogs
    The drivers got their flos
    and the staffs got their pros

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    This camp is straight bizz

    You make the best of friends
    and count your new skills by tens.
    If you scrape up your knee
    Nurse Maggie says “count on me”

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    Sentence ending in izz

    When you’re on Mt Hood
    You know what’s good;
    Eat lunch by the crevasse
    and much some tater tots.

    Almost no rules,
    cause we got no fools
    be a Windells cat
    and get a Dexter’s store hat.

    A sponsor night
    is better than alright
    they’re actually pretty tight
    win everything except a kite

    When you skate up to BOB
    Give Nike 6.0 a nod
    They’ve got Rock Band
    From your friends you’ll get a hand.

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    Too bad my name ain’t Liz

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    Be a shred Whiz

    I could make this rap go on forever
    But that’d be a ridiculous endeavor
    Because I’d miss the next Windells session
    and I gotta keep my shreddin freshin’

    Windells uhhh
    You know what this is
    Windells uhhh
    This place is the SHIZZ

  7. Billy Berry says:

    1. Best Counselors
    2. Cement Skate Features
    3. Ok food
    4. Coolest People
    5. Only year round ski area
    6. lots of snow
    7. best coaches
    8. bob and indoor skating area
    9. trampoline/foam pit
    10. private campus
    11. sick competitions like this
    12. session videos
    13. digger dogs
    14. diggers
    ps. i dont have size 14 foot

  8. Kody Martinez says:

    1)has the best park set up on hood
    2)friendly staff
    3)best campfire stories go down here
    4)coach Doman is one gnarly dude
    5)adult side rages like its their job
    6)if one can get employed they have it made
    7)because they allow sking.. which is not as good as snowboarding but ill put my difference aside
    8)make connections that last for years
    9)superrr layed back atmosphere
    10)if there is a place where one can have more fun on earth it has not been discovered yet
    11)trampoline pit is so much fun
    12)staff sale
    13)have to experience it to understand
    14)i have a 13 but fit larger in nike so im down for some wiggle room to sport Windells on a daily basis

  9. Joe Strathern says:

    2) Awesome year round skiing on mt. hood!
    3) Sick competitions
    4) Free stuff!!!!
    5) BOB!!
    6) The outdoor trampoline!!
    7) TVs in the cabin with sick movies!
    8) Best camp-campus ive ever been to
    9) In oregon, which is really cool!!
    10) The foam pit is just dandy
    11) The staff sale is one of my favorite parts of the camp
    12) Best coaches on the planet!
    13) Good food at the heshin delicatessan!
    14) The vans with the decals on them are SICKKK!!!

  10. 1.I have alot of fun evry time i go.
    2.It never and will never get bored.
    3.bob is the best
    4.You meet new people that shares the same entrest.
    5.Make new friends.
    6.There is so much things to do there.
    7.The staff is nice.
    8.the money you spend its worth evry penny.
    9.Fome pit is the funnest thing ever.
    10.its a good experince.
    11.concrete jungle.
    12.Learn new things.
    13.You can bike/skate when its rainy thanks to bob.
    14.Its the best park ive ever been to.

  11. David White says:

    1. I have size 13- which could still fit in a size 14
    2. Windells is the funnest place on earth.
    3. I am going next year
    4. best park around
    5. all my friends have rave reviews
    6. Best coaches
    7. Best snow
    8. dream features
    9. best attitude
    10. learn the BEST tricks
    11. They make the best edits
    12. Fastest progression
    13. Dope stickers
    14. they make the best shoes

  12. 1. Snow in the summer? yes
    2. sick park setup everyday? yep
    3. checkin the newest gear? all day
    4. meeting the pros? yes
    5. sick stuff to do off the mountain? pfft easily
    6. skating paradise.
    7. a staff that’s cool to chill with? duh
    8. did i mention that there’s snow in the summer?
    9. best conditions to practice them tech tricks and bring them onto the mountain.
    10. fun competitions for free stuff
    11. getting to meet kids from all over the place
    12. oregon is freakin beautiful
    13. wait wait.. you can snowboard, in the summer? oh yeah.
    14. the other side of the road. ’nuff said.

  13. Nate Ohlwiler says:

    1. the snow
    2. the foam pit
    3. the park
    4. the wide spread of events
    5. the experience
    6. the stars
    7. the staff
    8. the place
    9. the amount of people
    10. the founder
    11. the river
    12. the mountain
    13. the activities
    14. everything there is to do there

  14. Armand Oberoi says:

    dude sarah lang!!! give em to canadian mike cuz he wears a size 14 anyway!!!

  15. 1 Summer Snow
    2 Hot Girls (and Boys)
    3 Digger DOGS
    10 B.O.B.
    13 OREGON!

  16. sean mcmanus says:

    1. snowboarding the best terrain park ever and its in the summer
    2. skating bob
    3. foam pit and olympic tramp 🙂
    4. as much food as you can eat, just get alot or seconds
    5. tons of fun activities like dodgeball
    6. all the free crap you guys throw our way
    7. sick cabin setup, me and my 7 friends all got one cabin
    8. jake black was a sick cabin counselor
    9. Hogan was a awesome coach
    10. for skiers too so my bro and friend could come too
    11. dairy queen
    12. meetin tons of people like me
    13. hanging out with some of my favorite pro athletes
    14. the lap park with the new lift was so awesome

  17. David Cardany says:

    1)Get to ride in the summer
    2)AMAZING coaching and staff
    3)the best parkn the WORLD
    4)Gettingto ride the DREAM FEATURES
    5)Amazing park crew keeping the park at its finest
    6)B.O.B.thebest indoor skateparkwith foam pit to learn new tricks
    7)the new concrete jungle which is amazing
    8)BAG JUMP to learn any trick you can thiink of
    9)GREAT FOOD(i loved the waffles)
    10)video review toshow what you did wrong
    11)Digger dogs!!!!
    12)tow rope the first on mt.hood
    13)private paint ball course
    14)the most important part.. THE MOST FUN You WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE

  18. richie conklin says:

    1. the moment show up at the airport your laughing and cracking jokes with the staff and campers
    2. as soon as you show up to camp your overwhelmed by amazing skate stuff the sound of microphone sirens
    3. even though its only 100 feet away you are still going to skate/bike/wiggle stick to the super awesome information game lounge
    4. blasting music and shaking then van on the way to the hill
    5. Riding the Amazing snowboard park
    6. not having to hike on the new rope toe!
    7. landing that sick trick and having your coach and kids in your group freak out as hard you are
    8. Getting back to camp and even though your dead tired you go skate bob and get a second wind and land sweet tricks up the euro cap.
    9. playing with your food at dinner
    10. having such an amazing day and you so tired you actually want to go to sleep cuz you know the sooner you go to sleep the sooner you get to shred in the morning!!!!
    11. Playing pool in the road house
    12. the 1080 combo!!!!!
    13. watching sick DVDS in you cabin

  19. Elliot Williams says:

    W hen my home mountain is closed, Windells has me covered
    I ‘m always able to learn new tricks
    N o haters at windells.
    D igger Dogs. Oh yeah like the kool aid man.
    E veryone is super helpful.
    L ots of off mountain activities.
    L ots of new equipment to demo
    S ummer Terrain Park. nuff’ said

    I have big feet, and Windells has guys like me covered
    S uper sick Indoor skate park

    S uper supportive counselors
    I always have something to do. Always
    C amp store is S.I.C.K
    K ickers Kickers Kickers. Kickers all day baby.

    2. shreddin all day.
    3. pit of soft death!
    4. sick music ALLLDAYY
    5. Latenight Prank Phonecallss!!!
    6. Who Doesnt LOVEEe the milk machine!
    7. Freee stickkerrrs!
    8. Gnarrly prosss!
    9. New Cement each yearrr!
    10. Plain fun around the campfire!
    12. Thugginn Trampoline Sessions!
    13. HUGE spiders 🙂
    14. Very Supportive Counselers!

    Thanks Windells For Being ” THE FUNNEST PLACE ON EARTH “

  21. Jeffrey Kohnstamm says:

    1.nice people
    2. Good vibes throughout
    3. Everyone loves to shred in some way shape or form
    4. I HAVE A SIZE 14 FOOT 😉
    5. Foam Pit is the shizness
    6. Super super super bouncy trampoline
    7. cool skate features for them skaters
    8. the summer park is illin’, innovatin’, and straight gillin’
    9. It IS the funnest place
    10. Staff does all they can for you to be able to do your best
    11. Accommodations are good for accommodating campers
    12. Only a short drive from MT HOOD!
    14. Dry skatepark in the winter

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